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Greentown, IL

Hi, all, and welcome to the Greentown, IL... my page for Ray Bradbury-related news and information. I've always been disappointed by the lack of Ray Bradbury sites out there, so I'm hoping that this one can aspire to something great.

Some people might ask what the significance of Greentown, IL is in the title up there. See, in pretty much all of Bradbury's works, the story is set in a small, Midwestern city named Greentown. In reading about it, you sort of get the idea that Greentown is a picturesque, quintessential American Town. "Greentown", however, is not fictional- it is the pseudonym for Ray Bradbury's own home town, Waukegan, Illinois; it shares all the same features he describes: Lake Michigan, the river, the ravine, the trolley. So essentially, you could visit Greentown if you wanted to... Waukegan is a northern suburb of Chicago, just an hour or two north of O'Hare. Anyone want to try?

There are a few things I'd like to accomplish on this page... a comprehensive guide to Ray's short stories and books, good information on his hometown of Waukegan, accurate news on Ray's whereabouts and activities, and finally updated news on past and upcoming (yes, upcoming) films based on Ray Bradbury's work.

-The Caretaker

Ray Douglas Bradbury

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Synopsis/Reviews for several short stories.


Synopsis/Reviews for Ray's books.


See the town behind the man.


Better than looking at the back flap!


Ray's past and future films.


June 26, 2001... In a article, Ray Bradbury was revealed to have an astonishing number of projects in the works. Frank Darabont's "Fahreheit 451" will be followed by "The Martian Chronicles" by the same director. Bradbury is also writing an "Illustrated Man" treatment for the Sci-Fi Channel, and an adaption of "A Sound of Thunder" budgeted at $80 million and starring Pierce Brosnan is also in the works for the big screen. In addition, Bradbury has a novel, a short story collection, and a nonficiton book due out over the next few months. Click here for the full, quite interesting article.

February 4, 2001... This just in, Mel Gibson will no longer be helming the film "Fahrenheit 451". Instead, director Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) will write the screenplay and direct, presumably after he has finished his next picture, "The Majestic". Castle Rock Entertainment will produce, maybe in conjunction with Icon, Gibson's company.

ALSO: Mr. Ben Starr has been kind enough to point me in the direction of a nice little webpage that has some great Waukegan photos pictured. Some range as far back as the late 1800's: very interesting.

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